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Friday, February 15, 2013

Another day of love :)

And even after more than twenty four hours later, here i am, still thinking about yesterday. The sound of their giggles and the smiles on their faces, still as fresh as ever! Yesterday has without a doubt been printed as one of the most memorable pages in my book. A day i know i'll cherish forever. A day i know will be hard for me to forget. Well also because the date is easy to remember - 14th February! Haha! :P

Valentine's day for me had always been just another ordinary day, every year. The only memories i had of this particular annual event was watching my sisters wrap romantic gifts for their guys before 'the' day, the pretty girls in school/college receiving all the red-roses-attention and also, listening to the 'awww' post-valentine stories of my girlfriends. Not sure if you would believe me but i seriously had never celebrated a single 14th Feb ever in my life. Well, that was until last year when a sudden idea of celebrating love with the un-loved on the day of love popped into my mind. And i did it! If you scroll way down or maybe a few pages back, you can see how i spent 14th Feb 2012 at Aishwarya Children Home, Baluwatar with beautiful children and a few friends. I was so glad at the end of the day that i knew this was something i would love to do on every 14th Feb from then onwards. :)

And so exactly after a year, with bags and boxes full of yummy treats, we went to FreshNepal Orphanage, run by Mr. Dev Ram Tamata and his wife Mrs. Dhana Tamata at Gwarko, Kathmandu. But it wasn't my first visit to FreshNepal yesterday. I'd been there twice before with my mum, once on an ordinary day and the second time on my 21st birthday. In fact, this was the first ever orphanage i'd been to in my life. And i guess that was why i felt like going there again. A friend had suggested me to try out a different orphanage but something just pulled me there. And as i laid in my bed at night, thinking about the beautiful moments spent there, i found my answer.

We arrived there at 4:30pm, which was the perfect time cause the kids had just returned from school, all famished. So we quickly served them the chicken burgers we'd got from Makoos Bakery at Jawalakhel, home made french fries and prawn crackers. With dips of tomato ketchup and sips of Coca Cola! :) Seeing them gobble it all up in no time, we were sure and satisfied that they had enjoyed each bite.

After that, it was Dancing time! From Bollywood item numbers to traditional Kollywood songs, those kids could shake their hips and legs to any kind of music. Damn, you should have seen their wowing moves! ;) Plus they were not willing to stop dancing even after almost an hour, so you can pretty much imagine how much they dig dancing. Haha! What more, some of them even offered to come up and give solo vocal performances themselves. Such a bunch of talent! It was only when the lights went off at 6pm that they stopped dancing, just because they HAD to, cause there was no music. Haha! We then announced the 'best dancers' winners from both the girls and boys category each.

Following the prize distribution, it was then time for the second yummy treat of the day - Cupcakes! We got them from Cafe Hessed, also at Jawalakhel. Chocolate flavor for the boys and strawberry flavored ones for the girls. Twenty three cupcakes for the 19 children, for Mr. and Mrs. Tamata and also for the 2 volunteers residing there - Greg from England and Maria from Portugal! It was lovely meeting them too. :)

As i sat there chit-chatting with the kids circling all around me; some playing with my hair, some analyzing the rings on my fingers, i realized, all these children want is to be loved. How happily they loved us right back when we gave them love! And i thought about how unfair it was for them to be in an orphanage when they deserved to be at home with their family, showered with love and care. :(

Hearing her, a little one say, "Didi najanu na, aja tapai etai basnu na," as she held my hand, it was really difficult for me to leave. When i replied i'll be back another day, she quickly added, "Bholi hamro bida cha, bholi aaunu na hai." And i know that these words are the very reasons that i will go visit them again, sooner or later. :')

Relieved, satisfied, proud and happy were the emotions we were left feeling with as we made our way out. The day turned out even more finer than we had expected. Although this was planned nearly a month ago, everything had seemed to slowly fall out of place as the day neared, with some backing out at the last moment, plus with me being super busy at work regarding the deadlines. But he made it possible! :) When i thought of dropping it all off, he said, "Even if no one else joins hands, we'll do this. You and Me! We will make this happen." :')

My Valentine's day this year seemed like the entire package of the previous valentines' i had never celebrated before.  From getting beautiful red roses and a card with meaningful words that melted my heart, to sharing love and laughters with the children, to finally spending some time alone with him at dinner... i couldn't have felt more loved! :)

P.S. - Thank you Sumit dae and Bhupesh dae, for being a part of this. :)

Here are the pictures! Enjoy :D

striking a pose while cooking :P

french fries !

busy serving ...

smile :D

enjoying the food ...

girls doing the 'munni badnam' step

dancing heroes !

the best dancer winners :)

dancing along with the kids :)

excited and happy :D

cupcake is the best !
the kids with Greg and Maria

big hug :)

group pic 1

group pic 2

dinner :)



  1. This is so sweet. My heart swelled on reading this very entry. Though we don't know each other I felt so proud of what you are doing.

    1. And though we don't know each other, your comment made me smile :) thank you !

  2. So proud of you.

  3. aww..... best wishes :)
    following you back........ hope you ll drop by as well !

    1. thank you vintage girl... sure i will :)

  4. Ahh How inspiring.
    Im falling for you lol

  5. How sweet .... Go ahead Buddy With a wonderful positive attitude..
    Cheers for the change ... :)

  6. you know you did a great job! Looking at the picture only gives me great joy :)

  7. Being single I always get gifts for my female friends, classmates and colleagues on Feb 14; never thought of spending it with orphans like you did.

    Just wanted you to know that this was quite inspiring to me... and let's hope other young people feel the same too :)


    1. Thank you tenzing :))
      And ya, hoping others feel the same way and spread some joy and love too :))

  8. Omg......
    I only wanted to check out your blog and when I started reading... Well I could stop...
    You are amazing......
    You're such an inspiration to me..

    Maybe we could follow each other?
    Let me know :)
    Blueberry Girl -Rosie

    1. aww thank you so much for your lovely words Rosie.. :) and yeah sure we can follow each other.... :)

  9. nominated you for Liebster award :)
    check my blog here

    1. hello dear, i just checked your blogpost about the Liebster. I feel glad and honored. Thank you so much. :))

  10. very inspiring....hope someday we can do this together!!!!..loved it.

    1. hehe sure dd, why not :)) looking forward to it..and thank you lots !